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        Denver, Colorado
                            Custom Frame Pricing

                          Custom steel frames built to rider's specific geometry from
                                     Columbus, True Temper, or KVA stainless



Road, Cyclecross, Randonneur, and Touring frames 
Lugged construction          Starting from $2500.00       
TIG welded                                        From $1800.00

Track frames
Lugged construction                         From   $2300.00
TIG welded                                        From   $1600.00             

Mountain hardtail   26, 650B, and 29nr

TIG welded                                         From  $1600.00

Made from scratch lugged
construction                                       Add    $850.00

Forks (steel rigid)

700c forks                   From  $350.00
26, 650B, and 29nr     From  $350.00

                                   Frame Option examples

KVA Stainless tubesets                                                             Add: $800.00
Polished Stainless lugs                                                             Add: $150.00 per lug
Paragon slider dropouts                                                             Add: $150.00
Made from scratch lugs                                                             Add: $850.00

                                       These are just some of the options available
                                       please inquire for more info due to how many
                                       options are available.

      hubs/ wheelsets                    

Road                              From: $1200.00
Track wheelsets             From: $1000.00                                  

     Please note that hubs are only available
            with purchase of a frame



Frame gallery
Hubs/wheelsets gallery
If you do not see a particular style of frame listed above
Please feel free to contact me and discuss your needs